Robert Neu

Stage Director

Hansel and Gretel

" . . . with imaginative stagecraft that captivates the youngest among us, this 'Hansel and Gretel' proved splendid from start to finish . . . .awe-inspiring and probably the most enchanting operatic experience that a child can have . . . a version as sweet and alluring as a gingerbread house."    St. Paul Pioneer Press

" . . . the production was absolutely beautiful . . . a joy to listen to and to watch."

Peer Gynt

" . . . the results are revelatory . . . this production creates more drama per minute that most fully-staged productions.  Neu's experience shows in the creative way he uses the stage."  Minneapolis Star Tribune

La Boheme

"'La Boheme' was the summer's hottest ticket on the classical music scene and it proved well worth the effort to snare a seat. One of this year's most enjoyable evenings at the opera."  St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Director Neu drew utterly convincing performances - no stock operatic gestures here, but natural human behavior.  He was particularly effective at mining the rich comedy.  It doesn't get much better than this."  Minneapolis Star Tribune

Naughty Marietta

" . . . a delicious confection . . . a wonderful romp with everyone onstage and in the audience having a marvelous time.  Neu maintains a firm hand on the material.  He deftly balances the romance and comedy, not letting the swashbuckling become camp and keeping the love story from becoming cloying."  Minneapolis Star Tribune

"There are great moments in this production . . . resonates compellingly . . . it is lovely and brings smiles."  St. Paul Pioneer Press

La Traviata

" . . . Neu created moving human interactions.  His production was full of nuanced detail . . . a perfect dramatic realization . . . "  St. Paul Pioneer Press

Bernstein Mass

" . . . a triumph of bringing the unabashedly over-the-top work to the concert hall . . . a considerable achievement."    St. Paul Pioneer Press

Don Pasquale

" . . . came close to being a perfect opera production.  Neu created a wealth of outrageous business that was clever and surprising at every turn, yet he maintained a disciplined hand, never disrespecting the integrity of the characters."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

"A delight from beginning to end . . . bursts with clever comic ideas.  This witty production lets the characters' stage business grow organically from the music and serves to bring about a deeper understanding and appreciation of Donizetti's music.  Every character was vividly drawn (down to the servants), every scenario given an imaginative staging spin."    St. Paul Pioneer Press


"Director Robert Neu is a master at creating dramatic moments of character interaction . . . exquisitely nuanced."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Magic Flute

" . . . a wonderful romp.  Director Robert Neu confirmed once again that he is one of the most inventive opera directors in town."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

On the Town

"Robert Neu must be the most charismatic director in town . . . an expertly executed thrill ride.  Every onstage moment seems precisely shaped by Neu . . . a sensational production."    St. Paul Pioneer Press

"With a series of clever touches, Neu stitches an emotional arc that makes the show deeply affecting."   Minneapolis Star Tribune

Wonderful Town

"Robert Neu's staging delightfully captures the spirited highjinks of this fairy-tale New York.  His detailed direction populates the stage with an abundance of captivating characters no matter how short their appearance."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Fantasticks

"Robert Neu's direction captures the utter simplicity of the story . . . a triumph."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

" . . . a terrific staging . . . an outstanding production . . . the performance was unimpeachable.  Director Robert Neu has pulled together a terrific cast and shaped them into an excellent ensemble.  The most well-crafted production that Skylark has offered . . . an unqualified success."    St. Paul Pioneer Press

The Laramie Project

"Director Robert Neu molds his cast of 12, each playing three or more roles, into a strong ensemble . . . a fast-moving portrait of an entire community that did not stint on the horror of the events . . . Neu found the humor in their humanity.  In the end, an uplifting evening."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

" . . . spectacular and touching, beautifully directed by Robert Neu.  Be prepared to shed a few tears . . . see this production."


"Director Robert Neu creates his own fast-moving edition.  His witty production intensified the touching, heartfelt ending.  The risks pay off handsomely."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

Die Fledermaus

"The most fun I've had at Minneapolis' Orchestra Hall in several years, or maybe ever.  A production that set this year's standard for summer entertainment.  Much of the credit is due director Robert Neu.  His distinctive staging style was all over this production.  This was a 'semi-staged' opera with so much theatricality in its character that scenery seemed to be the only thing missing."    St. Paul Pioneer Press


"Robert Neu stages a strong production, a rendition that serves the play and the audience well."    Minneapolis Star Tribune

"A 'Bob Neu show' always features tightly choreographed movement, cleverly concocted stage business and vivid characterizations throughout the cast . . . [this production] had a Neu production's customary energy and an ensemble of richly developed characters."    St. Paul Pioneer Press

Putting It Together

"'Putting It Together' is unmissable . . . wittily staged . . . one show-stopper after another.  With direction by Robert Neu leading a terrific cast, 'Putting It Together' is a must see."    St. Paul Pioneer Press

The Marriage of Figaro

" . . . some of the most exhilaratingly joyous moments I've experienced at an opera in quite some time."  St. Paul Pioneer Press

" . . . a magical experience . . . a truly immersive theatrical experience . . . The evening was smart, stylish, amusing and innovative."   Twin Cities Arts Reader

The Tragedy of Carmen

" . . . intelligent,  psychologically probing direction, every movement seemingly linked to some tremor of inner emotion in the characters."     Minneapolis Star Tribune

Don Giovanni

"Director Robert Neu has given the oft-performed work a jolt of energy.  Suddenly, we know people like these characters."     Orlando Sentinel

" . . . transforms how you view the whole art form of opera . . . employing one imaginative staging idea after another.  I was given a fresh perspective on a work I thought I knew pretty well."  St. Paul Pioneer Press

" . . . a bold and imaginative production . . . sets the bar considerably higher."  Minneapolis Star Tribune